Student Experience

Benefits of AHU Online

AHU Online stands apart from other online programs with its combined academic excellence and “whole-person” approach to education. It’s what allows AHU to provide students with multiple pathways to career and personal success.

The Benefits of AHU Online

  • One-on-One Support and Attention. At AHU Online, you are not just a number. Our classes have a faculty-to-student ratio of 1 to 20, which helps ensure that students don’t feel isolated or lost. The smaller class size allows students to establish real connections with peers and faculty, with whom they can communicate by email and instructors’ online office hours. Every student enrolled in an AHU Online program also has access to counselors, chaplains, tutors, and academic advisors.
  • Student-Centered Approach to Learning. We are a community of professionals who understand that students have complex lives and responsibilities to balance, along with their studies. When students enroll in an AHU Online program, they are matched with a Student Experience Manager, whose role is to help them with all aspects of the academic journey and provide general support in other areas of life. This trusted coach often ends up taking on the role of mentor, guide, liaison, and counselor during a student’s time with AHU Online. If needed, Student Experience Managers can also direct students to other members of the support team for assistance.
  • High Academic Standards. Whether you enroll in a certificate program, a bachelor’s degree program, or one of AHU Online’s master’s degree programs, you’ll learn from a curriculum designed by expert-level faculty and developed to exceed industry standards and anticipate healthcare trends. AHU Online’s curriculum is constantly evolving to keep up with the changes and demands of the healthcare industry.
  • Genuine Community Connection. Students in AHU Online’s programs can develop lasting connections and network with their peers and faculty. Students can connect with each other through their coursework or social media, establishing connections that last even after the program is over.
  • Customized Schedules to Fit Students’ Needs. AHU Online’s programs and coursework offer students the ultimate flexibility. You have the option of completing a degree or certificate on your own schedule and tailoring a course load to fit your individual life circumstances.
  • Interactive Course Management System. With Canvas®, AHU Online’s learning management system (LMS), students can connect with faculty and each other, which encourages collaboration. Canvas® also allows you to keep up with deadlines and test dates and to manage assignments for your courses. You can also download the Canvas app for convenience.
  • Features of Campus Life. Although AHU Online’s programs are entirely online, students are given a chance to participate in and take advantage of the features of campus life. Weekly announcements let students know of upcoming events and offer inspirational thoughts and devotions. Students can connect with the campus through social media and the main AHU website.
  • Education That Prepares Students for the Real World. The curriculum offered by AHU Online is solutions-focused, which gives learners the opportunity to consider strategies that will help them tackle real-world healthcare issues, becoming leaders in their fields.
  • No Need to Be Tech-Savvy. As long as you can browse the web and send email, you’ll be able to participate and succeed in AHU Online’s programs. An interactive orientation before you begin your classes will help familiarize you with the system. Should you run into any trouble, tech support is available round-the-clock.

AHU Online is much more than an online learning destination. We are a community of committed healthcare professionals who know that the excellence and compassion we provide our students are translated into the service they provide in the healthcare setting.

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