Online MSN in Family Nurse Practitioner

Online MSN FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner) Program

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Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP) are an integral part of healthcare, treating a wide range of patients with acute and chronic illness in a variety of settings.  As experienced nurses, FNPs are especially equipped to bring a comprehensive, whole-person perspective to healthcare.  Courses in this track prepare nurses to assess patients, diagnose problems, and order diagnostic tests and medications.  The on-campus intensive and assessment further enhance these skills, ensuring that graduates are prepared to take their place as a primary care provider.

Currently Accepting Applications for Fall 2022

*Students are required to come to the AHU campus twice for MSNP 535 Advanced Health Assessment course: once for a 5-day Intensive experience prior to the beginning of the course, and again at the end of the course for a 2-day check-off assessment examination.

Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Practicum hours (600 face-to-face total) are required as part of the FNP program. Students are strongly advised against working full-time while they are enrolled in the Practicum courses.

The MSN Clinical Coordinator strives to assign clinical sites and preceptors to MSN students residing in Central Florida. However, clinical placement and preceptors are not guaranteed. Students who are assigned a clinical site and preceptor by the MSN Clinical Coordinator must adhere to the designated location and schedule.

Students residing outside Central Florida are responsible for securing a qualified preceptor and clinical site under the supervision and approval of the MSN Clinical Coordinator.

Professional Licensure
It is the student’s responsibility to contact the appropriate licensing entity in the student’s home state to confirm whether an AHU program will meet the requirements for licensure in that state. For more information, read AHU’s State Authorization statement and disclaimer.

Course Load
The MSN-FNP program is designed as a full-time accelerated degree completion. Students are advised not to work full-time in order to successfully manage the course load and requirements. To inquire about part-time program completion options, Schedule a Call with the Online Admissions Coordinator.

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