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Testimonials Archive

Testimonials Archive

    • Christina Nguyen
    • AHU Online Nursing Graduate

The professors at AHU are very supportive. Any time I’ve emailed any of the professors or doctors here, they would get back to you within that day, and they listen to your concerns.

    • Natalie Hall
    • AHU Online Nursing Graduate

This degree helps me to better understand my patients, provides better critical thinking, helps me to get involved with policies that help the patient, and doing research and identifying things that will make the patient’s life better.

    • Charleen Thibodeaux
    • AHU Online Radiologic Sciences Graduate

It’s an excellent program. All the teachers were very helpful, and the students want to succeed too so they are also helpful if you have any questions on certain assignments. Usually you can get your answers from your peers and professors.

    • Bridgette Bruce-Felix
    • AHU Online Nursing Graduate

My favorite experience was the chats. I was able to increase my computer skills, and I loved the opportunity to interact with other students.

    • Darlene Pittman
    • AHU Online Student Manager for Online Student Support and Resources

I think the services that are offered at AHU are unheard of in the industry and unique to AHU. The level of support that we offer is unknown in the industry.

    • Lily Cruz, Yvette Van Wyk, Susan Meszaros
    • AHU Online Radiologic Sciences Graduates

Being a faith based university means preparing our students on a holistic level. Not only with the curriculum, but also caring about the patient as an individual and understanding their needs. What AHU does is so important because we’ve prepared not only the professional, but also the human being to serve their community.

    • Suzanna Meszaros
    • AHU Online RN to BSN Graduate

What I found different at AHU is the amount of spiritual involvement in every class. For them to bring diversity, not just their feelings about God, but diverse religions and teach you about them, to show you how to take care of multicultural people. It is a blessing that I have received from this program, and I have truly enjoyed every minute at AHU.

    • Yvette Van Wyk
    • Online Radiologic Sciences Graduate

I hadn’t been to school in 20 years. I didn’t know what to expect, but I found that the majority of the online students were going through the exact same thing that I was.

    • Lily Cruz
    • Online Student Manager for Online Student Support and Resources

Some of the reasons why students choose AHU to earn their nursing degree are because we have a great curriculum, one of the highest quality curriculums in the industry. The faculty have many years of experience, and they really care about the students and the mission of the school.

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