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Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements for AHU Online Programs

While you don’t need to be a computer whiz or have a degree in computer science to complete one of AHU Online’s program, meeting the minimum tech requirements will help you enjoy a seamless online education experience. Here’s a quick guide to what you need.

Tech Requirements at a Glance:

  • Device:
      • Desktop or laptop computer with internet capability (5 years old or newer)
      • Processor: 2 GHz or faster
      • Memory: minimum of 1 GB of RAM
      • Hard Drive: 80 GB or larger
  • Internet Connection
      • High-speed broadband access (Cable or DSL), minimum of 512 kbps
  • Internet Browser
      • Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari (Mac only) work best. For a listing of the most current Canvas-supported internet browsers, click here.
      • NOTE: JavaScript must be enabled to run Canvas.
  • Operating System
      • Canvas only requires an operating system that can run the latest compatible web browsers. Your computer operating system should be kept up to date with the latest recommended security updates and upgrades.
  • Tablet & Smartphone
      • iOS 11 and newer (versions vary by device)
      • Android 5.0 and newer
      • For a listing of the most current Canvas-supported mobile browsers, click here.
  • Hardware
      • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater
      • Sound card
      • Video card
  • Software
  • Plug-Ins

Computer and Internet Connection

We recommend high-speed broadband access (Cable, DSL, or LAN) for an optimal learning experience. You’ll also need regular access to a computer or laptop that connects to the internet. A few courses have more advanced system requirements.

You’ll find a listing of the most current computer and internet browser requirements here.


A few online courses use microphones and webcams, so you can you can interact with peers and instructors in real-time. The webcam and microphone included with your laptop is sufficient, although some students prefer to use a headset device.

If you use a desktop, you’ll need to connect it to a microphone and webcam. Check with your instructor to see if you’ll need either component for your course. We recommend testing the hardware prior to use.


Certain courses have more software requirements than others. Individual courses may require you to use video or audio playing software or a specific software application. Most courses require a word processing program, like Microsoft Word. Other software programs that are often used include Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel. In some cases, you may need to install or upgrade Flash or Java. It is also helpful to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Specific software requirements will be listed in the course syllabus or you may contact your course instructor. For further assistance, contact the 24/7 Help Desk.

For a list of Canvas-compatible screen readers, click HERE.

Other Devices

Canvas lets you access and interact with most course elements, readings, multimedia, email and discussions using a tablet or smartphone.

While you may be able to complete some coursework using tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, these devices are not guaranteed to work in all areas. We ask that you have a PC or Mac computer or laptop available to complete coursework.

Because of compatibility issues, we don’t recommend attempting quizzes, exams, or assignment submissions when using a mobile device.

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