Student Experience

Why AHU Online?

What’s so special about online learning? More than 6 million students in U.S. higher education love the flexibility of it, as well as the opportunity to study where they want without paying out-of-state tuition. For the mid-level professionals who seek out AHU Online, our unique combination of excellence and support offer the ideal formula to help them balance career and family with the requirements of learning, sometimes after not having been a student for some years.

Individual Attention and Support

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To create an environment that ensures no student will feel isolated or lost, we keep our faculty-to-student ratio low: 1 to 20. Smaller class sizes allow our students to get more individualized instruction and to form meaningful connections with faculty and each other.

We know that successful academics and the career opportunities that go with them require more than just great teaching. That’s why AHU Online has a well-structured team of academic and counseling professionals that support each student individually, making it rare among online institutions. AHU Online offers top resources and access to academic talent beyond faculty, including our library, counseling, and tutoring.

Interactive Course Management

To help students stay organized and connected, AHU’s online learning management system, Canvas®, encourages collaboration and allows students to engage with their peers and faculty. The LMS helps students manage their work, keep track of deadlines and test dates, and communicate with their instructors. Our students find it’s a great place to interact with their peers about classwork and beyond.

Campus Life Online

Our online programs provide a rich and connected experience, creating a virtual campus. Students receive a weekly schedule of events and devotions and inspirational thoughts throughout their courses. Online office hours and email allow for regular contact with professors.

Real Community

We are a community of professionals who understand that students have complex lives and responsibilities to balance, along with their studies. At AHU Online, our goal is to engage with our students where they are, helping them manage the realities of their own lives and schedules, rather than molding them to the University’s expectations. We also offer a 24/7 help desk, a student Retention Specialist, and access to a chaplain.

AHU Online is much more than an online learning destination. We are a community of committed healthcare professionals who know that the excellence and compassion we provide our students are translated into the service they provide in the healthcare setting.

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