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Registered Nurses who choose to pursue a Graduate Certificate in Nursing Administration and Leadership will gain knowledge on finance, strategic leadership, patient safety practices, and quality management. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts the employment of medical and health services managers is projected to grow 32% from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Popular Careers in Nursing Administration and Leadership

Earning a Graduate Certificate in Nursing Administration and Leadership prepares you to serve in several roles.

A director of nursing having a meeting with several medical professionals
Director of Nursing
Median Salary: $91,002

Nursing Directors are senior leaders responsible for the performance of one or more nursing units within a hospital or healthcare facility. They oversee organizational planning, staff evaluation, and compliance, in addition to collaborating with executive leadership on the execution of system-wide goals.

A nurse manager reading a medical chart
Nurse Manager
Median Salary: $86,969

Nurse managers work in hospitals or medical clinicals and supervise the nursing staff, ensuring adherence to standards, guidelines, policies, practices, and regulatory requirements. Nurse managers coordinate nursing schedules and participate in the hiring, evaluation, and remediation of nursing employees.

How an Online Graduate Certificate in Nursing Administration and Leadership Can Benefit Your Career

The enriched, concise program provides registered nurses with the expertise needed for professional growth in managerial and administrative careers. Graduates of the Online Graduate Certificate in Nursing Leadership program will:

  • Understand best practices in nursing leadership, focusing on budgeting, employee retention, and growth mindset
  • Increase cross-functional collaboration within healthcare teams and executive administration
  • Approach nursing leadership from a whole-person care perspective

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