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Obtaining a BS in Healthcare Administration opens a wide range of career paths in business, finance, human resources, managed care, risk management, marketing, and health information systems. Working environments include healthcare systems, free-standing clinics, healthcare information companies, and even local, state, and federal agencies that help shape healthcare policy. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts the number of medical and health services managers will rise 20% through 2026, faster than the average national job growth rate.

Popular Careers in Healthcare Administration

Earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Healthcare Administration prepares you to serve in a wide range of roles.

Nursing Home Administrator
Median Salary: $91,031

Administrators in nursing homes and other managed care facilities are the point person for many critical business decisions, such as vendor contracts and budget management. They may oversee billing, hire and train staff, and institute policies and procedures. Communication and organizational skills are crucial for productivity and effectiveness in this career. Source

Medical Office Manager
Median Salary: $49,775

Office managers of medical practices and clinics oversee the medical service activities and the medical staff. They coordinate staff schedules, maintain the budget, monitor inventory and order supplies as needed, and implement policies. They also oversee and manage paperwork for patient care and medical compliance. Source

Hospital Department Manager
Median Salary: $71,073

Hospital department managers oversee a specific department within a hospital or healthcare facility; such as nursing, surgery, physical therapy, or the emergency department. Responsibilities include managing work schedules, maintaining compliance with various health regulations, keeping and organizing the facilities records, and ensuring interdepartmental communication. Source

How an Online BS in Healthcare Administration Can Benefit Your Career

The robust and diverse curriculum in the BSHA program prepares graduates to become integral members of the healthcare team, equipping them with the fundamental principles of business and the unique essentials of the healthcare industry.

Graduates of the Online BS in Healthcare Administration program will:

  • Gain foundational knowledge in accounting, finance, marketing, and analytics
  • Develop leadership skills with a strategic mindset
  • Be able to contribute within an interdisciplinary healthcare team
  • Approach healthcare administration from a whole-person care perspective

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