AHU Online’s Bachelor’s of Science in Imaging Sciences degree program helps to prepare today’s imaging technologists for careers in leadership and advanced imaging. The program has six specialty tracks: Imaging Leadership, CT, MRI, Vascular Interventional, Sonography, and Interdisciplinary.

The BS in Imaging Sciences program consists of 24 credit hours of general education courses, 27 credit hours of cognate courses, and 15 credits of core courses. Students will choose one of the specialty tracks to complete the remaining 12 credit hours required for the program.

Specialty Tracks

Explore the various specialty tracks to choose the one that best fits your goals.

Imaging Leadership

Prepare for administrative roles through courses in management, compliance, and leadership. Learn More

Computed Tomography

Gain advanced knowledge in the field of CT, including methods for radiation dose reduction and advanced imaging procedures. Learn More

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Expand your understanding of MRI while learning about safety, data acquisition, and pathology recognition. Learn More

Vascular Imaging

Learn about the field of angiography and the wide range of vascular procedures within a technologist’s scope of practice. Learn More


Increase your comprehension of advanced sonographic specialties and imaging research. Learn More


Customize your learning to meet the goals for your imaging career. Learn More

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