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How to Order My Textbooks

Category:  Academics

You can view and order textbooks from your  student homepage.

There are two easy ways to do this depending on if you have already registered for courses.

  1. Login to
  2. Select “Academics”
  3. If you have already registered for courses, click on “My Required Textbooks.”
    If you not registered for courses, then click on “eCampus Bookstore.”

Find your required textbooks:

After Enrolling into Courses:

If you have already registered for courses, use the “My Required Textbooks” link, which will automatically populate with the textbooks required for your courses within the eCampus bookstore. You’ll see the title of each course you are registered for and all the textbook requirements.

Prior to Enrolling in Courses:

Using the eCampus Bookstore link that can be found under Academics, you can begin looking for your required textbooks.  Be sure you select the appropriate campus (Online campus for our online students) and the trimester you need to order books for. Follow the prompts to search for your course (hint: you’ll need to know the course code and name).

Textbook Format Options

The bookstore will provide you with the different formats available for each required book.

Charging Books to your student account

If you purchase books from AHU, you have the option to charge your books to your student account. During checkout, you will be asked if you would like to “apply a bookstore voucher.” If you choose to “apply voucher,” your books will be charged to your student account so that you can pay later. If you rent a textbook, you may still be required to input a credit card number for payment if books are not returned.

If you are asked to login, make sure you use your AHU student email as the username and your student ID as your password

Accessing you Digital Book


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