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How to Know Which Courses I Need

Category:  Academics

In order to know what courses you need for your program, use the Degree Audit feature.

Degree audits provide a live look at your transcript in relation to your degree program. The degree audit will list all the courses you are required to complete and will display the grades you’ve earned along the way. It is a perfect resource to figure out which courses you’ve already taken and which ones you still need to graduate.

  1. Login to
  2. Select “Academics”
  3. Under My Academic Resource System (MARS), select “Degree Audits”
  4. The next window will open and default to your current program’s curriculum. Continue by clicking “SELECT”.

Your degree audit will be divided into different sections for easy understanding. Be sure to read the row of instructions above each section. The red (r) indicates the course is required for your program. If you have any questions regarding your degree audit, please reach out to your Acadmeic Advisor or Online Student Manager.

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