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How to Apply for Financial Aid

Category:  University Services

Step 1:

Complete your FAFSA at

Be sure to include the AHU school code: 031155

Your FAFSA will determine your student aid eligibility. This must be done first! You will not be able to apply/receive any aid until AHU has received your FAFSA*.

*It usually takes 24-48 hrs. for your FASFA to upload to AHU. Although an email will be sent to your AHU student email account confirming it has been received, you are welcome to log in and check at any time!

Click HERE for helpful videos on how to complete your FAFSA and the types of federal student aid available

Step 2:

Once your FAFSA have been received, you’ll need to log into your financial aid page.

  1. Login
  2. Select “University Services”
  3. Select “Financial Services”
  4. Select “Financial Aid”

Step 3:

Be sure the “Current Award Year” in the top right corner is displaying the current academic year.

Complete the AHU financial aid application using the “Applications” link

Next, use the “Menu” option in the top left corner and review the “Documents and Messages”

View and complete the list of your required documents:

  • From the messages page, scroll down and look for a table at the bottom of the page. This is a list of your required documents that need to be submitted for your financial aid application to be processed.
  • Each document will be labeled and “received” if it has already been submitted. You need to have everything marked “received” for your application to be processed.
  • For documents that are still outstanding, there will be instructions or links provided above the table to complete each item. 

If you need any help with this process, reach out to your financial aid advisor

In, navigate to “University Services” -> “Financial “Services” -> “Contact Financial Services”

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