Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply?
    • Before you apply, please refer to the admission requirements for more details on what you need for each program. When you are ready to apply, fill out an online application, which requires a nonrefundable application fee. Please contact us if you have any questions during the application process.
  • How do I check my admission status using MyAHU?
    • Log in to MyAHU using the username (Student ID) and the password that you created when you submitted your online application. If you don’t know or can’t remember your username, you can look it up. Once you’ve logged into MyAHU:
      1. Scroll down to the fifth option under Academics and click on “My Academic Resource System (MARS).”
      2. Click on “My Academic Resource System” at the top of the page.
      3. The first tab at the top of the page is “Application Status.” You can also verify the receipt of transcripts and check for any other missing items by clicking on the “Checklists” tab.To change or reset your MyAHU password, visit the password reset page. You’ll need your username and email address to update your password. If you need more assistance, you can find it at the Login/Account help page.
  • How do I send my transcripts?
    • AHU Online accepts official transcripts sent directly from an institution either electronically or by U.S. mail. If your former school is going to send an e-transcript, it needs to be sent directly from the institution using secure transcript delivery service to be considered official.We recommend contacting your previous schools to see if they prefer to mail transcripts or to send them electronically. If your previous schools ask for an email address to send the transcripts to, please give them  NOTE: When sending a transcript electronically, you may receive confirmation from the transcript delivery service that it has been delivered. However, please allow 1-2 weeks for AHU Online to process your transcripts. You can verify the receipt of a transcript through your MyAHU account or by contacting us directly.  Hard copy transcripts can be mailed to: AdventHealth University 671 Winyah Dr. Orlando, FL 32803
  • How long will it take to receive an admission decision?
    • After you’ve submitted all the required admission materials, you can expect to receive an admission decision within 7-14 business days. If we need additional items from you to complete your application or the admissions process, we will let you know. Once we receive those required documents, it can take an additional 7-14 business days to receive notification of an admission decision.  AHU Online sends all notifications regarding admission decisions to the primary email address provided by you on the online application.
  • How many credit hours can I take each trimester?
    • You may take up to 16 credit hours per trimester and there is no minimum number of credit hours required to remain in a program. You can work with your academic advisor to plan a course load that works best for you. While there is no minimum requirement, the fewer credits you take per trimester, the longer the completion time will be for the degree program. You’ll need to take at least six credit hours per trimester to be eligible for student loans.
  • Can I sit out for a term, if needed?
    • Yes, you may sit out for a trimester or two, if needed. Please be aware that if you don’t take classes for three consecutive trimesters you will need to reapply to the degree program.
  • How do I find out what type of financial aid I qualify for?
    • Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will give you an idea of the type and amount of financial aid for which you qualify. Visit to complete your FAFSA. When selecting schools, enter the AHU School Code: 031155. Once we receive your FAFSA, we will send you an email and a letter to your mailing address with further instructions. You can also find more helpful information by visiting Types of Financial Aid.
  • How do I apply for financial aid?
    • First, apply for admission to an AHU Online program. Then, complete the FAFSA. You will also want to complete the AHU Financial Aid Application. For more details on how to apply for aid, visit How to Apply for Financial Aid. For questions related to financial aid, contact us at or (407) 303-1631.
  • How do I enroll in online courses?
    • After being accepted into a program, you can register for classes through MyAHU. Registration is available for seven weeks during the trimester prior to the one for which you are registering. You can’t register for classes outside of that seven-week window. The student page provides a step-by-step guide to registering for courses under “Office of the Registrar.”
  • Can I use online courses within my program for continuing education credits?
    • Academic courses satisfy the continuing education requirements of many professional licensing organizations. Since each organization has its own specific process and requirements, we encourage students to contact their professional licensing organization first. If you need unofficial or official transcripts to present to your licensing organization, contact the Office of the Registrar to place a request.
  • My employer offers tuition assistance. How do I apply those benefits to my online degree?
    • Employers offer two categories of tuition benefits: third-party billing and tuition reimbursement. If your employer uses third-party billing, you need to complete the Third-Party Billing Form and submit it to the Business Office. The form is found on your registration page and makes it possible for your employer to pay AHU directly.  If your employer uses tuition reimbursement, you pay AHU directly. Your employer reimburses you based on the terms of its tuition assistance program. We encourage you to ask your employer about the details of its tuition assistance program prior to registering for courses at AHU. If your employer uses EdAssist, click HERE for specific instructions.
  • Can I attend graduation?
    • Yes, every AHU student is invited to attend the graduation ceremony! Before you register for your final trimester, submit a Graduation Application to confirm you are on the right completion track and are approved for graduation. If you complete your coursework during a trimester in which we do not have a ceremony, you have the option of attending the ceremony either prior to or after the completed term. You can find all information pertaining to graduation on the student page. Please feel free to contact an Admissions Coordinator for more information.