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How Big Is a Serving Size, Really?

March 28, 2019  |  Category: Infographics

Whenever you eat something, do you flip the packaging over and look at the nutrition information first? The calories listed on food packaging, as well as the amount of fats, sugars, and protein found in the food you’re about to eat can help you plan your meals for the day and help you reach your nutritional goals.

But calories, fat, sugar, and protein amounts only tell you part of the story. The serving size listed on the nutrition facts tells you the rest. If a carton of ice cream states that a serving size is half of a cup, but you end up eating one full cup, you’re taking in twice the calories, fat, and so on listed on the nutrition facts.

Knowing what a typical serving size looks like can help you avoid portion distortion when planning your meals and snacks. Your hand and a few items you most likely have lying around your house will help you visualize the typical serving size of plenty of foods.