Testimonials and Stories

    • Amanda Hayes
    • Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences Graduate
      Biltmore Lake, NC

The faculty and staff at AHU Online were rooting for me. I was never one of a hundred students. They were rooting for my success and they were invested in me.

    • Josh Mixon
    • Executive Master of Healthcare Administration Graduate
      Orlando, FL

When you attend AHU Online, you’ll know from day one that you’re in the company of highly professional and spiritually strong people dedicated to your success.

    • Shaheen Somji
    • Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences Graduate
      Daressalaam, Tanzania

AHU Online is an institution that cares for a person as a whole. Be it their educational needs or personal needs, the students feel supported and guided throughout the course of their program because of the caring and nurturing staff at AHU Online.

    • Cathann Ferrante, R.T.(R)(M)
    • Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences
      Washington, PA

The Writing Center is awesome and any student that does not take advantage of this benefit is missing out on a great learning experience. As an online student it is a must. My writing skills have grown tremendously from their expertise and guidance.

    • Cheri Turner
    • RN to BSN Graduate
      Orlando, FL

The RN-BSN program works with your life. We are all professionals and we work full time and have other full time responsibilities, and this program at AHU works in line with real life.

    • Sarah Hill, RT(R)(M)(CT)
    • Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences
      Clinton, LA

The Lessons on Living: Biblical Perspectives course has been very meaningful to me and I feel Dr. Cosaert deserves commendation! I am so thankful to be enrolled in Adventist University, mostly due to the amazingly supportive, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable faculty/staff!